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Digital Engineering with Minecraft Create amazing objects for Minecraft—and learn valuable real-world 3D design skills! Transform yourself into a Minecraft “engineer!” Discover how to create great Minecraft objects and structures fast, and push your creative skills to the max. You’ll have a blast, but that’s not all! You’ll learn how to use powerful 3D digital design and CAD tools—the same kinds of tools professionals use to earn big money in the “real” world! Best-selling tech author James Floyd Kelly covers all you’ll need to know, starting nearly every chapter with an amazing project. Kelly guides you through each step of designing your objects outside Minecraft, and then importing them to your game, where they can come to life! You’ll master powerful techniques using Tinkercad, 123D Creature, 123D Catch, 123D Sculpt, MCEdit, i-funbox, Online-Convert, and more. Think you can’t create incredible Minecraft stuff like this? Using Digital Engineering with Minecraft’s crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions and full-color photos, you can! Find great 3D objects on Thingiverse and import them to Minecraft with MCEdit Create hidden “secret entrances” with maze makers and Online-Convert Master key Tinkercad skills, including shape creation, rotation, resizing, and grouping Create and export monsters with 123D Creature Put yourself in the game with 123D Catch: stitch your selfies into a complete 3D model Generate rollercoasters and other landscapes in 123D Sculpt—without slow block-by-block in-game editing Create hollow wireframe domes to transform any terrain into a battle arena View your Minecraft worlds in 3D using a simple technique   James Floyd Kelly is an avid maker, tinkerer, CAD expert and teacher. He excels at taking complex technology and finding a way to demystify it for non-technical readers. Kelly has written more than 25 guides to a wide variety of technical subjects, including Open Source software, LEGO robotics, 3D printing, and game programming. His recent books include Ultimate iPad and 3D Printing. He has degrees in both industrial engineering and English.   Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB. This book is not affiliated with or sponsored by Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB.

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