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DOA exploded on the ‘80s music scene like a sonic hand grenade. The bastard son immediately spawned hordes of new bands, and the angry kids burst forth from the suburbs, pawnshop amplifiers cranked to an ear-splitting and pain-inducing volume. Hardcore was here.Eighteen-year-old Randy Rampage helped form DOA just months after discovering punk rock in early ‘78, latching onto the new music like a problem child to model glue. In open, candid tones, the rock and roll survivor describes a drunken, rowdy age when every cop, redneck, and jock was the enemy and the clubs were always on skid row. Randy’s recall of those turbulent but colourful times is uncanny, almost unnerving. I Survived DOA is part jailhouse confession and sleazy memoir, a raunchy, frank account of a life spent in punk and metal. These are the blunt, honest words of a fighter who conquered both the stage and the street, living by his own rules and cheating death many times. Buckle up for a wild ride through the glory days of hardcore punk and beyond.

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Excerpt from Cours de Droit Civil Français, Vol. 3II, 375, 547 à 550, 550 à 553. 1282. 405 à 407. Cpr. 1, 407. 111, 1221. 1, 355 à 357. Cpr. 11, 323 à 275, 276.About the...

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El encuentro entre Aníbal y Escipión nueve años después de la batalla que dio la victoria a los romanos. El trágico y conmovedor episodio del delicado amor que unió al...

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The book presents a selection of papers on syntactic variation from different theoretical and methodological points of view. As such, it contributes to a process of...

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Mama Kakes and Meena are back one last time. Meena’s ecstatic once she gives birth to her son Prince. She and Pablo are back on track and scheduled to be married. Meena...

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The handstand is one of the most simple, yet one of the most humbling, skills in the span of the physical arts. It seems so simple, yet it can be an incredibly frustrating...

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