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Detective Vic Lenoski of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has just been handed the biggest case of his career, the vicious murder of a venture capitalist known for funding high-tech and robotics start-up companies. But Vic, haunted by personal loss and hounded by a commander who despises him, is unraveling fast. Worse, his investigation soon uncovers major corruption among Pittsburgh’s star robotics entrepreneurs, that the city’s gangsters have gone straight, and Vic’s commander and colleagues are only interested in promotions, pensions, and pats on the back.Just as the case and his career are on the verge of collapse, Vic struggles to make sense of his work and life while uncovering a series of deeply buried truths, and tracking a murderer who is desperate to kill again.

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For out-starting upstarts and outcasts of all ages... Here is the delightfully spooky parody of Dr. Seuss’s classic Oh, the Places You'll Go! Written and illustrated by the...

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Dear Loretto, Thanks for showing this to me. I like the spooky fi gure butIve learned over the years that a heavier font is more eyecatching. Otherwise its very effective....

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“Somewhere between Tom Perrotta and Erica Jong lies The Swing of Things, a charming, sexy, and surprisingly tender romp through the dark side of wish fulfillment. I’ll never...

How To Survive When Things Don't Go Your Way Cuentos Infantiles Epub

How do you survive when things don’t go your way? Take a walk with me along a trail and find out. Breathe in the beauty that grows all around you. Gaze upon the flexibility...

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Space is a huge topic, but this friendly book breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about this...

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