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This text, part of the "Advances in Vascular Surgery" series, contains a selection of research from areas of significant change and progress in the field of cardiovascular surgery. Topics covered include: aortic disease; endovascular techniques; and the status of thrombolytic therapies.

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Washington D. C. , and at the Columbia University New York. In 1967 and 1968 he worked as a gen­ eral surgeon at the 1st Surgical Department of the Vienna Medical School with...

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This book provides a brief overview of noninvasive vascular tests used to diagnose and quantify vascular problems. Also, it reports on tests concerning prevention and...

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This is the second edition of a well-received book that has been recommended for inclusion in any vascular library or vascular radiology suite. The first edition has been...

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These three volumes entitled Advances in Hypersonics contain the Proceedings of the Second and Third Joint US/Europe Short Course in Hypersonics which took place in Colorado...

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The continuing success of the Denver X-Ray Conference is, it seems to me, the consequence of three equally important facets of each meeting. These are: 1) the collegial...

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