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Mirah Jackson is a single mother who has a well-known renovation company in Atlanta, GA. She is secretly in a love relationship with the realtor that she works with, Dan Robinson. He’s hoping that Mirah will express her love for him so that he can stop sleeping around. Yet, he hasn’t announced his love for her either. They play cat-and-mouse until Mirah has to possibly deal with Dan falling in love with another woman. Mirah finds herself in the middle of her friends’ life events. It’s taking a toll on her, but she tries to play superwoman for them and her daughter. Mary Lovett is a Fashion and Interior Designer who doesn’t have that great of a dating lifestyle. Every man that she dates has to meet one her most important criteria of having money, and then she moves forward from there. She soon learns to become cautious when she’s a victim of domestic violence. Claire Jackson is Mirah’s cousin and Office Assistant. When Mary brings her boyfriend to meet the crew, he displays behaviors that remind Claire of the real reason she ran to Atlanta. Omar Goodson is in Construction and has his own business. He never seems to meet women that are up to his caliber because he’s always comparing them to Claire – she sets the standard. Omar and Claire take interest in each other, and everything seems perfect until Omar’s ex tries to come back into his life unsuccessfully. Omar’s ex just so happens to be Claire’s abusive ex-boyfriend’s best friend. When Claire’s ex shows up at the house, she murders him in self-defense. Maxie represents Claire in her case to keep her out of prison. The murder haunts Claire and alters her as a person, but the crew tries to hold it together for her because they believe that it’s just a phase. Maxie Williams is an attorney and an advocate for everything black, including black love. She tries to hide her dating life from her friends by not allowing them to meet the men she dates. Mirah soon learns that Maxie has been sexually involved with white men and had feared being judged. When Kevin finds out, it places tension between him and Maxie. Kevin Baxter is a Loan Officer at a black-owned bank and also loves everything black. The tension between the two eventually confesses into love and infatuation. Unfortunately, Kevin mistakenly sees Maxie with the white man she was messing with and decides to follow her example by attempting to date outside of his race. Maxie finds out that the woman he chose is her former boy-toy's ex-wife. She tries to caution him, but Kevin blows it off as her being jealous. He places his life in danger by ignoring her warnings.

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Ballistics. 196 Pages.

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