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Describes the entire spectrum of arterial surtgery. Renowned national and international vascular surgeons describe and illustrate the technical details of each technique. Covers aortoillac reconstruction, graft replacement, peripheral aneurysms, and peripheral bypass to popliteal and tibial arteries. Also includes techniques in endovascular reconstruction, angioscopy, saline and carbon dioxide insuffulations, atherectomy, balloon transluminal angioplasty, and more.

Lasers In Aesthetic Surgery De Epub A Mobi

Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery presents the latest techniques in utilizing ultrapulsed CO2 lasers in aesthetic plastic surgery. Edited by an expert and pioneer in the field,...

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This text, part of the "Advances in Vascular Surgery" series, contains a selection of research from areas of significant change and progress in the field of cardiovascular...

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The introduction of lasers into operative medicine and advances in fiberoptic technology have made a significant contribution to minimally invasive surgery. This book was...

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Authored by experienced radiologists and surgeons, Imaging in Abdominal Surgery, by Drs. Michael P. Federle and James Lau, is a unique reference specially tailored to meet...

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The interest in pelvic floor reconstruction has grown rapidly in recent years. The collaboration between urologists, gynaecologists and colorectal surgeons has also...

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Focuses primarily on aortic and mitral valve disease. Special attention devoted to optimal timing and the role of echocardiography to assess prosthetic valve function and...

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