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All seventeen year old Caytano Kubrit wishes for is a normal life. Go to school, hang out with friends, maybe get a girlfriend. It's not something his resurfaced powers will allow. Without proper training and with constant negative emotion, they can give him an early grave. An old friend, Rubi Garmen, comes back into his life, bringing with her a dangerous past. Trying to find safe haven, she enlists Caytano's help for her survival. Will the two teens find the safety they want with each other? Or will there be an early death in the family?

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After a prolonged absence spent overturning the deity of a host of the lesser gods, Guiamo returns to Din-Gwrygon in 37 B.C. to continue his work as The God Unmaker against...

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Jenn North’s life is in the dumpster. Mom and Dad talk about splitting up but then move east for Dad’s job. Jenn’s left behind in boarding school. Mom says it’s for her own...

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The longest day of the year brings fun, excitement, danger, and romance. Come along on a journey through the stories of ten talented authors as we celebrate Summer Solstice...

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While freelance writer Robyn Guthrie settles into her new home, which came with a few surprises, she learns her mother Lizzie, drama queen of Dryden Manor Assisted Living,...

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Mama Kakes and Meena are back one last time. Meena’s ecstatic once she gives birth to her son Prince. She and Pablo are back on track and scheduled to be married. Meena...

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Ballistics. 196 Pages.

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