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THE REAL POWER IS NOT IN OUR MIND. IT IS IN OUR FAITH. This story will show you how the ultimate power does not reside in the hidden potential of your mind, but in the faith in God. Where there is faith, miracles happen naturally, Providence makes it the easiest way, so easy that our doubts remain. Was it a miracle, or a coincidence? *** The protagonist of our story, Johnny, drug addict, has a strange dream that has clear connection with the tragic death of his entire family when he was a teenager. In this dream, he falls for a girl in front of an abortion clinic. Obsessed with his dream girl, and despite his current atheism, he asks his friend Fidel if God could get the girl out of the world of dreams and turn her into a creature of flesh and blood. But grandfather’s answer will have to wait. Next to the old Fidel, Johnny undertakes a mysterious trip, an inner journey, a spiritual trip full of risks and dangers, which eventually will lead him to a mountain, which will change forever the destiny of his life. A former prisoner, a hermit, and a news-paper seller, will accompany him on this incredible story that the reader will never forget. This is a powerful spiritual novel that offers us a song for life and the trust in God

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Everything we do has a connection to something else... In order to do anything to the best of your ability, you have to first have a desire to do it. When you allow your...

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Are you looking for a book to incorporate as a tool for coping skills? Look no further, this is your book to address those tender emotions. At the back of the book there is a...

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