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In the year 2041, we find a very different country than the one we have all learned to love. This new country is called America. The economy is solely based upon the production of food. Now, more than ever, America feeds the entire world. With the demise of the United States the world has entered a very dark period. The beacon of hope for all mankind has been extinguished. The world has not seen any advancement in the fields of industry, medicine or culture. The nation's religion is based upon worshiping the green earth. Long gone are the days when the people fell to their knees and prayed to the heavens above. The clean sky and clear water, that which we can see and feel, have replaced blind faith. The new world order has replaced freedom and liberty with a redistribution of wealth, except there is no wealth! The individual citizen has no room in their lives for anything other than the will of the State, devotion must be total. Change is what "we the people" wanted and our government delivered upon its promise, and fundamentally changed it all. Gone from the face of the earth and most people's memory is the United States of America. The King and the ruling class do all of the thinking and planning for what's best for everyone. No longer do the citizens suffer the stress that freedom, liberty, and self determination can bring into their lives. The ruling class is separate from the workers, but all work hard for the well-being of the State.

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