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Dr Daniyal was a successful medical practitioner. He had a good fortune, a lovely family and bright prospects for prosperity. But was he successful and happy from inside is a question, the answer to which he did not have. But what he did not really know was that nature moves in a mysterious way and has in store for him, a way, to teach him about the medicine for inner happiness and eternal joy in the most unexpected manner.

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Evil lives close, sometimes inside ourselves. Guilt destroys. Zoey DiMeo fights inner demons. When her successful business crashes and her truck driver husband is forced to...

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Dr. O’nious and his partner Lester attempt to find a stash of counterfeit bills in 1925. Their friend Harry disappeared about the same time that Henry Cashton died up in...

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George and Bear both have a sore throat, so they're off to visit the doctor. If anyone can help them feel better, the doctor can!George and Bear make the perfect team -...

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Based on the new movie, Marvel's Doctor Strange, releasing in November 2016, this audiobook introduces the theatrical version of Doctor Strange, a fan favorite character who...

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Buenos Aires, 1953. El joven Ernesto Guevara acaba de titularse como médico y, en lugar de ejercer su profesión, decide emprender un viaje por varios países de América...

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