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He was the future king of the galaxy. She was an ordinary earth girl. Can love cross the light years between them?Prince Jiorj was a man on a mission. Heir to the galactic throne, he was more comfortable avoiding his royal duties by visiting primitive alien worlds and buzzing local militaries than he was dealing with life at court.His latest target? A small out of the way planet the locals called "earth."He was looking to avoid responsibility and assassins, but he never would have imagined that his visit to earth would result in a crash landing and a chance meeting with a local girl who'd rock his universe!Stacy didn't have time for love. She was too busy running a bachelorette weekend for her friend Rachel and a relationship was the last thing on her mind. But that all changes when she's saved from certain death by a mysterious stranger and finds herself falling for her sexy savior from another world!Two lovers. Two very different worlds. Will love be enough to bring them together?

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Royalien: Prince Jiorj (A SciFi Alien Romance) Epub Gratis Sin Registro

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