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Make a quick transition from classroom practice to real-world employment with a complete understanding of Medisoft Version 16 Practice Management Software. This easy-to-use worktext explains common medical office tasks in a clear, step-by-step format and provides realistic exercises to help you confidently prepare to use computers in the medical office.Hands-on practice using MedisoftĀ® Version 18 familiarizes you with the professional practice management software you'll use on the job. Medisoft sold separately.An engaging, conversational writing style makes difficult concepts easier to understand, with information presented in small, easy-to-digest segments.Step-by-step procedures include screenshots to guide you through each administrative task.Day-by-Day Simulations provide you with two weeks of hands-on experience similar to working in a real-world medical office.Reminders at the end of each chapter ask you to back up your data, for good data management practice.Checking Your Understanding reviews and hands-on Putting It into Practice activities are provided at the end of each chapter to ensure that you meet learning objectives.Information on backing up and restoring data prepares you for any power outages or electronic malfunctions. UPDATED content on the Electronic Health Record in the physicianā€™s office relates computerized practice management systems to the use of EHRsNew case studies on the Evolve companion website offer additional practice using MedisoftĀ® v18.New Elsevier Clinic provides samples to follow as you create new patient data and perform Medisoft tasks ā€• the data file may also be downloaded from the Evolve website.New chapter summaries are included at the end of each chapter.

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"Medical Office Transcription", 3rd Edition, provides an introduction into teaching medical transcription. The text/workbook reviews anatomy, medical terminology, symptoms...

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This book is not only an examination preparation book, however. It's detailed explanations allow it to be used from medical intern to experienced radiologist where it can be...

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The Second Edition of this text details the basic, in-office diagnostic and therapeutic procedures commonly performed in treating dogs, cats, and rabbits. The book discusses...

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This clinical guide is a concise up-to-date resource that covers a wide range of endodontic procedures, including non-surgical root canal therapy, surgical root canal...

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Introducing a Reliable Green Technology That Can Help Improve System Performance Solely centered on photovoltaic (PV) system sizing and the tools used for PV system analysis...

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