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A serial killer is terrorizing London with his weapon of choice, a Scimitar. Detective Chief Inspector John Moore of MI5's Counter Terrorism Section is not convinced the murder spree is a random act of a crazed psychopath. Evidence leads to Eurotech, an international biotechnology company specializing in gene manipulation. CEO Jacqueline Rochester, desperate to revive the company's flagging fortunes plans to unleash a genetically enhanced strain of smallpox upon the citizens of London. Only Eurotech has the vaccine to combat a catastrophic pandemic. Rochester enlists a group of misguided martyrs who believe they are embarking on a Jihadist mission, unaware that they are participating in a giant financial conspiracy. Once Moore connects the dots, it becomes a race against time to thwart Rochester's ambitions but there is still an assassin on the streets; hell bent on ensuring the Jihadists' mission is successful. Scimitar is a fast-paced, shockingly realistic thriller that will keep readers enthralled to the very end. "Walters' storytelling skills offer a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue, sure to keep the reader captivated." - News Limited "Following on from the Savage trilogy, Scimitar guarantees to keep you on the edge of your seat." - Irish Times "A must for anyone who loves a great thriller." - Alana Woods Publisher's website: Author's website:

Cours De Droit Civil Français, Vol. 3 PDF Gratis

Excerpt from Cours de Droit Civil Français, Vol. 3II, 375, 547 à 550, 550 à 553. 1282. 405 à 407. Cpr. 1, 407. 111, 1221. 1, 355 à 357. Cpr. 11, 323 à 275, 276.About the...

Adios Tristeza Libro Descargar Imperio: 496/9 (bestseller (debolsillo))

El encuentro entre Aníbal y Escipión nueve años después de la batalla que dio la victoria a los romanos. El trágico y conmovedor episodio del delicado amor que unió al...

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The book presents a selection of papers on syntactic variation from different theoretical and methodological points of view. As such, it contributes to a process of...

She Ain't Me 3: Volume 3 Bajar Gratis En Epub

Mama Kakes and Meena are back one last time. Meena’s ecstatic once she gives birth to her son Prince. She and Pablo are back on track and scheduled to be married. Meena...

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The handstand is one of the most simple, yet one of the most humbling, skills in the span of the physical arts. It seems so simple, yet it can be an incredibly frustrating...

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